Born 1959, St.Petersburg
1982 Graduates Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire: composition, theory of music
1984 works in St.Petersburg TV and Radio Studio, composing for theatre companies, ballets, film-and radio productions for electronic as well as for acoustic instruments
1987 works at his own studio (see "Works")
1990 member of the "Association of Electronic Music in Russia of the Unesco"
1991-1993 music director of "Theatre Vremya"
1988,1992,1993,1996,2002 Awards for film-music (see "Awards")
1989,1990,1993 Compositions selected for Winning Brackets of Top Ten entries at the International Electronic Music Competition, Bourges, France (see "Awards")
1992 Pavlov Ballet Company was formed
1997 lives and works in Berlin
2004 State Prize from the Russian Federation
2008 Member of the German Composers Association (Deutscher Komponistenverband)
2009 Pavlov Music Productions was formed