As America and the Soviet Union become unlikely allies during World War II, a brief window of romantic opportunity opens between a handful of Russian men and American women in this historical comedy-drama from filmmaker Alexander Rogozhkin. Yurchenko (Alexei Serebryakov) is the commander of a Soviet air force base in northeastern Siberia; alcohol and the emotional ravages of war have made him a terror to work with, and most of his charges go out of their way to keep him out of the loop and away from the other men. Second-in-command Captain Lisnevsky (Danill Strakhov) takes care of most of the responsibilities at the base and offers comfort to Irina (Anastasia Nemolyaeva), Yurchenko's understandably unhappy wife. One day, a fleet of American fighter planes on their way to the Eastern Front stop at the base, and while a visit from their Yankee allies is novel enough, Lisnevsky and his men are pleasantly surprised to discover the bombers are piloted by a team of female USAF officers. Lt. Dana Adams (Sarah Bulley), Lt. Mary McClain (Caterina Innnocente), Lt. Tippy Kaufmann (Sarah Rutley) and Lt. Jackson (Anna Marina Bensaud) soon find themselves wooed by a number of lonely and hopeful Russian soldiers at the base, though their attempts to charm the ladies are muted by the fact they can't speak English, and the women don't understand Russian.

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