Svoya Chuzhaya Zhizn

Contemporary St.Petersburg and Petrograd in early 1920s are contrasted as two opposite worlds. Miserable,banal reality around famous film-director Kalistratov and vital, cruel but romantic era of Communist aristocrats and genius poets(first years of NEP). The latter develops only in Kalistratov's imagination, when he's testing locations, young actors and writing scenario. He knows exactly who must play whom and what kind of details are needed for this project.

But he himself doesn't have any chance to realize it as a film. Big television channel has a right to decide, to make it as a tele-serial which their audience can understand. The producer foresees their decision and recommend Kalistratov to write another scenario. His real life is filled with such obstacles and inconsistency not because of his own faults, but of coincidences, happenings and most of all, will of media-magnates.