When we bring the conversation round to Verdi we can all hum the odd melody, for the composer was a worldwide star. However, his life was a unique homage to his homeland, its customs and particularities, its simple dishes and specialities. He loved the solitude of Sant'Agata, a country estate in the province of Parma. And his guests loved everything they were served, sometimes the maestro himself did the cooking.
The world-famous composer was well aware of the fact that not all of his works (comprising 28 operas, the Requiem, choral works etc.) turned out to be masterpieces.  Nevertheless, there were few people in the entire history of music, or more specifically in opera, who were of greater significance and whom the people loved and revered as much as Verdi.

Soprano Monika Stache, tenor Eugen Duvnjak, actor Hank Teufer, cellist Andrea Bauer and pianist Dmitri Pavlov together explore the sound worlds of this genius musician. The artists present a magnificent ensemble of arias and duets from Verdi's most popular operas as well as anecdotes from the composer's private life, a composer who said about himself, “ Io sono un contadino –  I am a peasant!“.